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Fractional ownership typically involves three weeks (or more) of ownership on a “rotating” basis. Some of the offerings are for two winter weeks plus one summer week; others are for two weeks summer and one winter. The winter weeks are typically more expensive. These will rotate – this year the fractional calendar might have you with Christmas and New Years weeks, the following year would advance by a week (New Years and the first week of January), the year after that would be the first week and second week of January, and so on. Each offering would start at a different time and the calendar for that property must be reviewed closely. There are fractionals available in Vail, Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch. “Rotating weeks” are not very popular with families that have children in school with “fixed” weeks of vacation. Prices vary significantly based on time of year, size of unit, location and amenities. 

Timeshare ownership involves “fixed” weeks of ownership. In some cases you can purchase a 1-week timeshare; sometimes you must purchase 2 weeks to own at a particular property. Again prices and annual costs vary significantly based on the same factors mentioned above. 

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